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Welcome to the ExtremeMC wiki. We are a server run by the players, who offer a wonderful community to players of all standards and have players from all around the world! Join Now!




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Server Changes (Important)

About ExtremeMCEdit

ExtremMC is a new server featuring many aspects of multi-player Minecraft. These features include:

  • Skyblock
  • Survival games
  • Towny
  • Creative world
  • PVP arenas
  • Parkour
  • Many more!

Not only that, but our server is 24/7 with minimal restarts, yet we are still able to give you a lag free experience from across the globe. We only use trusted plugins and we aim to give all players the best Minecraft experience!

Recent UpdatesEdit

Hunger Games - Now open!Edit

The GoldenGaming staff have been working extra hard and we have managed to open our Hunger Games arenas. We have 4 fully functional arenas which all work. We are using Vareide's maps which are made to the highest of quality. Try it out now! Accessible from the spawn, along with all the other portals

We have upgraded!Edit

We now host with 64GB of RAM, a 4 X 120GB solid state drives and newer Intel Xeon Processors. With all this power we are ensured far less frequent crashes, less/no lag and faster ping time from all corners of the globe.

New ParkourEdit


Our staff have been able to finaly open our new parkour! This features 24 challenging but not impossible parkour arenas! Check it out through the parkour portal at spawn.

About UsEdit

ExtremeMC is run by the community but is lead by the staff members. These staff include:

Senior Admins (Owners)Edit

  • KingJackTheFirst
  • TopTobster5


  • BigViggilyBitch


  • squidstar111

If you have any issues to do with ExtremeMC, please do not hesistate to message us in-game or on our website.



This is the spawn of our server.


This is a cathedral built by a player.